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  • NIFT MFM Mftech M.Des GD PI Questions

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    Master of Fashion Technology:

    1) The scope of wearable smart gadgets in future.

    2) Retailing artisans (weavers) with e-tailing sites. Will it help or not?

    3) E- commerce – good or bad for apparel and handicraft industry in India?

    4) Importance of eco- friendly products and techniques. New Zealand has developed a fabric from rice wastage. Should that be adopted by other countries too ( including India)?

    5) Is cloud computing important in today’s industries? If yes then how does in help in reducing time and money?

    6) Virtual stores – Will it take the society a step forward?

    7) 3D printing – Will it be a boom in coming generation?

    8) Should regenerated fibres be promoted in India? Will it harm the environment?

    Master of Fashion Management

    1) Do fairness products have the capability of tapping the Indian male market?

    2) Average size models should be encouraged in promoting apparel or not?

    3) Should Rayon be used over Cotton as an industrial fabric?

    4) E-commerce vs Brick and mortar stores

    5) Is discount the only lure for customers?

    Here are some topics that might help you in preparation for group discussion

    1) Should Indian textile industry focus more on the production of man-made fibers?

    2) How will Startup India affect Indian Apparel Industry?

    3) India- Market or producer for wearable technology?

    4) Virtual Fitting Rooms – A changed shopping experience

    5) Fashion revolution – A shift from aesthetics to functionality

    6) Is Indian apparel industry a leader or follower in terms of technical advancement?

    7) Natural fibers- endangering the natural resources. Do you agree or disagree?

    8) Make In India is the biggest brand India has ever created. Discuss in the context of the textile industry.

    9) Measures to promote Jute as the fashion fabric.

    10) How is the collaboration of designers with e-commerce helping the garment business?

    11) Should use of leather in fashion industry be completely banned?

    12) How are ethical fashion shoppers influencing the garment manufacturing business?

    13) Is following best social practices in the apparel industry as added expense?

    14) Corporate Social Responsibility- A necessary evil. Do you agree or disagree?

    15) Is current government support enough for the flourishing of Indian apparel industry?

    16) How can technology be integrated with handicraft industry?

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