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NATA Online Mock Test

nata online mock testNATA online mock test is offered in 7 different NATA Mock Test Packages which includes equal no. of Aptitude Test and Drawing Test. Online Aptitude Test marks will be given on the spot once the student submits the exam while Drawing Test marks will be given to the students after our faculty evaluates the answer in 2 days. The comments and feedback will be given to the students on their drawing and technical skills where they commit any mistakes.

Studying hard for target is one part but applying the knowledge & skills on the actual exam day and pave the path of success is another. It is very essential to realize about doable mistakes at this time and learn to shun them instead of making them on actual exam day and regret afterwards. Here, PAHAL Online Mock Test Series for NATA comes in and teach you how to work on your weaknesses and improve performance.

PAHAL Online Mock Test Series Platform brings NATA, JEE Arch, CEED, UCEED, NIFT, NID Design and Architect aspirants on a common platform to compete and assess their performance at national level.

NATA Online Mock Test Series by Pahal Design Institute allow students to test their knowledge, strengths and weaknesses, which assist in maximization of strengths and minimization of weaknesses with the proper time management. It enhances efficiency and competitive spirit among students.

With PAHAL’s nata online mock test series you can check your current level of preparedness for competitive exams and compete with top students at the National Level.

NATA online mock test Features

nata online mock test


SN Package Name Contents Fees (in Rs.) Register Now
1. 5 Mock Tests Aesthetic Test – 5
Drawing Test – 5
1000 Apply Now
2. 10 Mock Tests Aesthetic Test – 10
Drawing Test – 10
1500 Apply Now
3. 15 Mock Tests Aesthetic Test – 15
Drawing Test – 15
2000 Apply Now
4. 20 Mock Tests Aesthetic Test – 15
Drawing Test – 15
2500 Apply Now
5. 25 Mock Tests Aesthetic Test – 15
Drawing Test – 15
3000 Apply Now
6. 30 Mock Tests Aesthetic Test – 15
Drawing Test – 15
3500 Apply Now
7. 2 Mock Tests Aesthetic Test – 2
Drawing Test – 2
500 Apply Now

How does PAHAL help students to Crack NATA 2016 Exam?

Crack NATA 2016 exam with experts at PAHAL; having the best team for National Aptitude Test for Architecture Preparation, offers nata coaching, nata online mock test, nata study material & nata crash course. PAHAL provides the different programs as per the availability & choice of students.