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Parul UniversityBachelor in Design (B.Des) are four-year undergraduate degree programs which come with different types of specialization. practical work with an outstanding focus on specific courses enriching the student with the enormous practical knowledge and technical know-how are the demands of course. The university also boasts about its highly skilled professional teachers with years of experience in the field of design. An extraordinary a campus environment that creates an excellent atmosphere for both art and design. Also gives an opportunity to explore inspirational places around the beautiful, magnificent Vadodara city. Exchange of social, cultural norms and values amongst both local and international students giving both a professional perspective towards the art of design.
Parul University


This vision is to acknowledge the higher education in design that caters the skill needed and would fulfil the growing demand for design industry in everyday life. At the same time, Parul Institute of design aligns itself with global strengths and fosters strategic design linkages with utmost innovation.


Our Mission is to provide design inputs from the point of view of using design as an integrating force in varied areas like fashion, interior, product and visual communication to raise quality of life through well-designed products, services, processes and systems.

Parul Institute of Design (PID)

Parul UniversityParul Institute of Design is a dedicated design school to provide quality education to prospective designers in varied fields of specialization under Fashion, Interior and Visual Communication.

Parul Institute of Design is the design school with qualitative design curriculum with state of art facilities and highly qualified professionals and most importantly the practicing designers with industry experience as visiting faculties who are consistently performing and showing their works across the globe.

In Parul Institute of Design students come from diverse culture and economic background with curiosity, creativity, self motivation and discipline. We look for the students who desire to grab professional development opportunities in the field of Design to build their own careers. To undertake fundamental and applied research to create cutting edge designs in the specialised areas especially those concerned with user understanding and trends.

Fashion Design

Construct the styles of tomorrow. Learn from the finest creative minds working in fashion today. Students pursuing a Fashion Design degree have access to the tools and cutting-edge facilities needed for creating collection that garner accolades at Fashion Weeks and the Fashion Shows globally. Join us and bring your vision to life on the runway. Fashion Designers work on the design of clothing and fashion ranges. They typically specialize in one area of design, such as sportswear, children’s wear, footwear or accessories.
Program Prospects
Depending on their level of responsibility and the company they work for, designers may work to their own brief or be given a brief to work towards, with specifications relating to color, fabric and budget. Students passing out can be Fashion Stylist, Fashion Educator, Fashion Designer, Fashion Merchandiser etc.
Program Outline

  • Producing concepts
  • Making sketches by hand or on the computer
  • Developing patterns
  • Overseeing production
  • Analyzing trends in fabrics, colors and shapes
  • Industry internship

Core course & Topics in Fashion Design
Pattern Drafting, Pattern Techniques, Gerber Pattern Drafting System, Textile Design, Fashion Sketching, Clothing Construction, Couture Techniques, Fashion Journalism, Costume Design, Specialty Design Exploration Trend Forecasting, Draping, Evolution of Fashion, Fashion Design Applications, Stylizing Fashion Event Planning and Stage show Management, Production Techniques, Apparel Evolution and Production Creative Fashion Marketing, Entrepreneurship.

Interior Design

Parul UniversityThe course of Interior Design as an in-depth itinerary that covers the rudiments of interior design and styling, preparing the individuals for a career in the creative field of interior design.

The services provided by interior designers cover a wide range of areas and include Interior styling and designing services, furniture and furnishing, furniture design etc. The changing market conditions have bolstered the demand of highly competent Interior professionals who can take up key positions as Interior Designers, Stylists with furnishing industry, Stylists with Interior firms, Free Lance Interior designers / stylists, Design Consultants, Set Designers, Entrepreneurs, Event Managers, Sourcing Managers, Visual Merchandisers etc.

Interior design and styling is an exciting and dynamic industry which brings together spatial design for living, working and leisure and hospitality institutional environments.

The course imparts conceptual and technical understanding of the subjects and also the industry specific  skill set required for long term success.
Parul UniversityProgram Prospects
Typically, interior designers spend the first five to ten years of their career developing and building on existing skills and knowledge, as well as gaining further experience. Beyond that, there is no definite or structured career path, and the extent and speed of career progression depends on the setting and your performance, aptitude and dedication.

Newly qualified junior designers tend to work flanking more experienced colleagues.They are typically given responsibility for parts of a project and can also assist with gathering information and putting together ‘mood’ or ‘sample’ boards for presentations to clients.This can lead to more responsibility, depending on performance.
Parul UniversityProgram Outline

  • Planning for space color and Lighting
  • Furniture Design
  • Floor Ceiling, Wall, Windows and Doors
  • History of Interior Design
  • Elements of Design and Decorating Styles
  • Elements of Decoration Materials
  • Elements of Service and Building Protection
  • Interior Design Management
  • Interior Furnishing
  • Construction Techniques
  • Interior Design
  • Drawing Sculpture & Painting Interior Design
  • Graphic Design & Applied Arts -Major Art
  • Interior Design Studio & Building System Technology
  • Principles of Interior Design
  • Graphic Design & Painting

Product Design

Parul University Product Designers design numerous items like mobile phones, household appliances, cars, medical products and industrial tools, equipment and machinery. They apply their understanding of technology and manufacturing methods to improve design and utility of these items.

Product Designers work alongside engineers and model makers to conduct research and device an accurate design proposal for projects.
Program Prospects
Product designers understand ergonomics, manufacturing processes, 3D design, branding, marketing, lifestyles and trends. They can contribute to industries with ceramic design, sanitary ware design, light fittings, decorative porcelain and material for decorative and other industries.
Program Outline

  • History of Industrial Design
  • Product Technology, Material and Construction
  • Elements of Product Design and Human Ergonomics
  • Prototype making and 3D Modelling with the help of software
  • Product Graphics Display and Control Design
  • Techno-aesthetic Details and System Design Thinking
  • Form Semantics and Package Design
  • Production Planning and Industrial Organization
  • Industry Internship

Visual Communication Design

Parul University In today’s highly competitive industrial setting,Visual Communication is a major tool to educate people and promote sales of various products. Graphics play pivotal role in catching consumer attention and enhancing the visual appeal of the products to make them reach the target consumers.

The digital art and animation industry readily embraces fresh talent for creating contemporary and innovative concepts and designs. Under this program, the innate sense of art of students is refined and their observations, imaginations, creations and physical skills are channelized.
Program Prospects
A career in visual arts is not limited to being a painter whose artworks get framed and sold in a gallery.Behind every piece of visual art in a news paper, magazine, book, poster and leaflet, there are graphic or commercial artists. A degree in Visual Communication will equip the students to put magazines together, illustrate cartoons, design websites, design computer graphics and animations for films, TV, museums, teaching art etc.
Program Outline

  • History of Visual Communication
  • Color Form and Composition
  • Typography and Font Designing
  • Drawing and Visual Illustration
  • Advance Photography, Advertising & Marketing
  • Printing Technology and Industry Interface
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Packaging Design and Consumer Psychology
  • Visual Merchandising & Product Design


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