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NIFT Last Minute 10 Tips & Tricks for Exam

Tips and tricks for nift exam

CAT (Creative Ability Test)

  1. Examination Pouch: Your Examination Pouch must have HB and clutch pencils with new Eraser and Sharpener. Use good quality colour pencil.
  2. Fill the required details of your question paper as soon as you get your CAT paper 
  3. Read the questions very carefully before beginning the paper.
  4. Plan your ideas in advance and start with light sketching.
  5. Be creative with your ideas but keep it original and simple within exam time is equally important.
  6. After completing your light sketch, attempt the colour mood questions and while colouring try to think about the details which is required for rest questions.
  7. Avoid the use of eraser now and then 
  8. Save half an hour in order to give final touch to your drawing.
  9. Always write the caption at the end so that your idea stays with you and no one can copy it.
  10. Do not forget to wear your smile and confidence while entering the examination hall.

GAT (General Ability Test)

  1. Time Management is the key to success so plan your strategy accordingly.
  2. NIFT changed the NIFT 2018 test paper and now instead of 150 questions Design aspirants are going to face 100 questions in B. Design (Quantitative Aptitude- 20 Questions, Communication Ability – 25 Questions, English Comprehension – 25 Questions, Analytical Ability – 15 Questions, General Knowledge and Current Affairs – 15 Questions) and 120 questions in M. Design (Quantitative Aptitude- 20 Questions, Communication Ability – 30 Questions, English Comprehension – 30 Questions, Analytical Ability – 25 Questions, General Knowledge and Current Affairs – 15 Questions) but rest MFM/B.Ftech/M.Ftech has same number of questions 150.
  3. Be ready for surprises in your NIFT GAT paper.
  4. Maximise your attempt with accuracy and attempt easiest questions as every question has the same weightage.
  5. Tips for Comprehension: Try to give two readings to your passage. In the first attempt you get the general idea which will take 2-3 minutes and with this you will be able to solve explicit questions. For implicit questions you will require second reading which will be little slow and needs more attention.
  6. In logical reasoning section try to attempt those topics where you are more comfortable move from simple to complex topics
  7. Keep your fundamental strong and adhere to basic rules.
  8. Save 15 minutes to go through your answer sheet again in order to avoid human error and check the OMR sheet.
  9. Don’t waste your time on a single question more than 2 minutes.
  10. This is the time to maintain your cool, remain relaxed, utilize the night to revise whatever you have studied and learned but not begin anything new.

Important dates

– Examination date: 21st January, 2018
– Situation Test/Group Discussion/Interview: April – May 2018