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  • NIFT GD PI Topics 2018

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    NIFT GD/PI Coaching in Delhi

    GD Topic: Slim-fit shirts and trousers have replaced the regular fits in menswear

    Personal Interview

    1. Tell us about yourself.
    2. Why MFM?
    3. GDP of India
    4. How many golds won by India till date?
    5. Level of satisfaction index of India
    6. Law of diminishing marginal returns

    Gd Topic: Khadi becoming a style statement 

    Personal Interview

    1. Introduce yourself 
    2. Why MFM?
    3. Where do you see yourself after 2 years
    4. Work experience

    Gd Topic: Should artesian be credited their traditional identity

    Personal Interview

    1. About Yourself?
    2. Why M.Des?
    3. Why NIFT?
    4. How your field is related to design?
    5. Favourite subject throughout school and college?
    6. About Hometown?

    Gd Topic: Zero waste design technique will it be used in future discuss

    Personal Interview

    1. About yourself.
    2. why NIFT?
    3. What do u know about M.des?
    4. Why did u do for your graduation?
    5. About your family, hometown.
    6. What do u want to do after m.des?

    Gd Topic: Customers pay handsomely price for the product not for the exotic look but for the promise of comfort and elegance

    Personal Interview

    1. What are you doing now a days?
    2. Your specs is for far sightedness?
    3. What is it called?
    4. Why dis particular colour?
    5. Name of the colour.
    6. What do you know about mdes?
    7. What career do you want to go for after doing mdes?
    8. Why mdes why not mfm? You have done bcom Hons.

    GD Topic: If your brand is doing well in Metro cities, would it make sense to venture into the Tier-2 cities. How would the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) be different there.
    GD Topic: Is discount the only bait for customers. What other marketing techniques would you apply.

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