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MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design started its operations in August 2006, guided by the days leading minds in the Indian design education, with a plan to develop its identity as a research & training institution of highest international quality.

MIT Institute of Design is a constituent of
(Established by Govt. of Maharashtra by MIT ADT University Act No. XXXIX of 2015)

MIT Art & Design Technology University

Admission Schedule Dates 2019-20

Event / Activity B.Des / M.Des Fashion Design
Form Submissions 28th February 2019 28th February 2019
Design Aptitude Test 7th April 2019 7th April 2019
Result of DAT 22nd April 2019 22nd April 2019
B. Des Studio Test & Interview 13th to 18th May 2019 20th to 23rd May 2019
B. Des Final list 20th May 2019 24th May 2019
M. Des Studio Test & Interview 24th to 28th May 2019 MBA/M.Des Studio Test & Interview 
(Design Mgtm & Fashion Mgtm) – 29th & 30th May 2019
M. Des Final list 29th May 2019 31st May 2019
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Product Design

In a short span of 5 years MIT ID has emerged to be one of the best Product Design institutes in India. Similar to other premier Product Design Institutes in India, the product Design program at MIT ID is part of the Industrial Design discipline. It has been the earliest programs since the inception of Institute in 2006.

Transportation Design

The learners of Transportation Design experience that the courses of study exclusively explore an inborn human need of human mobility. Beginning with the concept of transporting people and commodities using a variety of means, its emphasis moves on creating sustainable systems for Transportation Design.It is not only limited to Automobile Design and car design but to design systems which enhance mobility for humans and commodities. Learners’ innovative ability is challenged further when the scope of a transport vehicle is extended from land, water to air even space.

Interior Space & Equipment Design

Interior Space and Equipment Design discipline focuses on designing and planning of interior spaces for all kinds of human needs. The learners concentrate on designing spaces – interior and exterior – according to their functional hierarchies and interrelationships. Spaces to be more functional and aesthetic require components like furniture, seating, storage, lighting etc , so only Furniture Design and Interior Design alone is not sufficient .The interior space design should be integrated with the space equipment, and both should have an harmonious interaction .This makes the built space respond like an efficient, well designed system. This approach imparts the learner a unique edge than merely “interior decoration”. Of the many Interior Space and Equipment Design Courses the one at MIT ID emphasizes on the holistic learning.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Institutes in India have been training candidates for a long time but most of them are very narrowly focused on imparting software application skills. These Graphic Design Institutes in India are unable to impart the sound theoretical and conceptual understanding that’s required to be a professional graphic designer. MIT ID is one such Graphic Design Institutes in India which understands the importance of a sound conceptual knowledge and also of the necessary skills required to be a professional graphic designer.

Retail and Exhibition Design

The learners of Retail and Exhibition Design find that the courses of study, besides concentrating on a rigorous learning of advanced graphic reproduction techniques, would also require them to gain an insight into creating images in the fourth dimension that is, moving images. So Retail and Exhibition Design in essence is a combination of Graphic Design and Interior Design. The courses specific to this discipline make learners literally ‘build bridges across the streams’. Of the many Retail & exhibition design courses India the Retail & Exhibition Design Programs at MIT ID are unique.

Animation Design

“For the learners of Animation Design the courses of study exclusively deal with moving images. Both have as their foundation, extensive inputs from the discipline of Graphic Design. As compared to the Animation design courses in India the Animation Design Programs at MIT ID focus more on design thinking and doing.

Film and Video Design

Courses in Film and Video Design put emphasis on a strong narrative content. To communicate using the Film and Video media one needs to use equipment like film and video cameras and editing systems. Moreover conceptual processes in addressing the communication needs of the social and commercial sectors should also be rigorously followed. Of the many Film & Video design courses the one at MIT ID emphasizes on the holistic learning.

Fashion Design

Amidst the numerous fashion course that have mushroomed in all parts of the country. We offer the Indian students a rare opportunity to study on one of the University for the Creative Arts’ (UCA) fashion courses in their native country. The BA (Hons) Fashion Design, degree will be awarded by University for the Creative Arts’ (UCA), UK.

User Experience Design

The aim of the Program is to study concepts, methods, and techniques of information architecture, usability engineering, information Design, interaction Design, Visual Design, ethnography and Prototype engineering with focus on artifacts’ where user experience is essential. Historically, usability has covered aspects as efficiency, learnability, etc. Today, a large number of IT artifacts include other measures of success, such as playability, engagement, entertainment, immersion and aesthetics. After the Program, students will be able to design and conduct usability studies of both traditional artifacts’ and systems where experience is important.