Pahal Design

Interview Tips

We could write a 20 page manual on interviewing “Do’s and Don’ts”. We thought a quick, easy to read set of notes would be more helpful so here it is…


2)Maintain eye contact with the person or people who are interviewing you.
3)Be positive, avoid negatives. Don’t talk-down your past employers or coworkers.
4)Try to connect your responses to the company you are interviewing with. Use stories that are relevant to your desired position.
5)Silence your cell phone. Double check just before the interview. It’s important.
6)Bring extra copies of your resume.
7)Bring something to take notes (note pad or steno pad).
8)Know something about the company. Be familiar with the mission statement & corporate values. Be familiar with the history of the company & any major events such as mergers or take-over’s.
9)Interviews can be a stressful experience. Don’t rub your chin, twirl your hair, or anything else along those lines. It makes you look nervous and unsure of yourself.
10)Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments. Review them and be confident about the details.
11)Think of one or two questions to ask at the end of the interview. It shows interest and that you care.
12)Know that if you have a facebook page, My Space page or Blog, the interviewer has probably read them. Going on a job hunt and having the worst parts of your life on display is not good.
13)Prepare and practice. Review the job qualifications and think of relevant examples of your work that indicate you have the qualifications the employer is looking for. Once you’ve done that, practice your responses with a friend, family member or in front of a mirror.
14)Provide clear, concise responses to the interview questions. Don’t ramble. No “ahs” and “ums.”
15)Most employers want to learn about your accomplishments in one or more of the following areas:
a.Working with others
b.Developing new ideas, products & procedures.
c.Solving important problems
d.Building & leading teams
e.Using sophisticated knowledge & skills