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How to Face the Exam

Why to be Confident

You can achieve everything on earth if you have confidence. It is an emotional activity that is observed in a person while talking, sitting, walking, standing, discussing and doing some work. The person himself can feel this emotional activity in him. If a person feels of having confidence in him, the people around also will observe an extraordinary person in him. The people will love his way of working, way of sitting, way of talking, way of standing and will try to inculcate this habit in themselves. Confidence is a quality that cannot be purchased from the market. Though confidence building is a difficult task, but it is a possible task to develop.

How to be Confident

A person can be confident, If he has accepted any responsibility cheerfully, makes out a plan to start work, give priority to the work to be done at first and at last, deploy minimum suitable work force, explain his plan to the work force, looking cheerful, make the workers understand the planning nicely, boost their energy by telling jokes and brave stories and complete the task to the satisfaction within time etc.

Application stage

During this sage the students are given carefully selected problems to solve. This not only builds the confidence of the students but also makes them familiar with the divergence nature and complexity of the problems. This includes all innovative problems based on the latest trends in IIT-JEE examination. The students are given sufficient range of questions so as to give them thorough exposure and practice in solving graded problems from the entire syllabus.

How to Gain Confidence

One must make a plan and time table. Give priority to each subject. Give more time to the subject you are weak in. Make an assessment of the syllabus you covered and the left over. Calculate the time you need to cover the left over syllabus. Calculate the time you need for revision of the syllabus. You must be honest, strict and dedicated towards study and the time table.

Read the questions in detail and solve with the help of the notes you have made in the classroom and complete the whole syllabus. If you face any difficulty in solving any problem, take help from the teachers and friends. Practice again and again for the problems you are weak in.

How to Take the Exam

When you take your seat in the examination hall, don’t feel nervous. There is noting to worry about in the exam. Make up your mind to solve the questions that may be difficult but possibly you will make the grade.

When you get the paper in your hand, take a long breathe, close your eyes for a while and recall the beautiful and happiest moments of your life. Read the instructions carefully. Do not open the seal of the paper until you are asked to do so. This will enhance your confidence. Fill up the information in the paper correctly asked by the examiner.

Once you get the instructions to open the question paper, select the easiest questions to solve first, then attempt the difficult and more difficult questions at last.