Pahal Design

From Managing Director Desk

Kiran Singh

“Words cannot describe the feelings when a student attributes his/her life’s success story to PAHAL”

PAHAL DESIGN has fuelled the success story of many students in NIFT/NID/U-CEED/NATA & B.Arch Exams. This success is actually a journey which we take along with our students; we feel their emotions, their frustrations, their dreams, their vision, their struggles and their joys. We are testimonial to this experience which they remember as the most cherished achievement in their lives after qualifying the coveted             competitive exams.

There are multiple coaching classes in India that prepare students for Design, Architecture and Fine Arts Colleges. Every institute concocts strategies, device methodologies to bridge the gap between the aspirants and their cherished field. This is where Pahal comes instrumental with:

  1. Its 20 years of expertise in analysing the pattern of the designing competitive exams.
  2. Endeavour every second to provide the best of facilities which reflects in its state of the Creativity, equipped classrooms.
  3. Teachers that have evolved to mentors.
  4. Applause worthy events are conducted to explore the ‘revolutionary’ creativity of the students.
  5. Aspirants at their crucial phase of life where every ‘gap of year’ every investment of time and education either inches you towards or away from your CAREER Pahal keeps a vision for you on your behalf.
  6. We believe that Pahal is a Family and where we make sure that everyone is happy whether it’s Administrative, Students and Mentors.
  7. Our aim has been to nurture the students, give them right type of environment, sharpen their problem solving abilities and keep them always motivated.
  8. Some Facts and Figures of Pahal Design Result 2018.
  1. NIFT Result : 522 Students selected with
    • 40 students in NIFT Top 100
    • 18 Students in Top 50 for NIFT Master’s Program (MFM/M.Des/M.Ftech) highest compared to any Design institute in India.
    • NIFT All India Rank 2, Prajjwal Sharma, B.Design (Marks 89.40), OBC Category
    • NIFT All India Rank 5, Nikhil Kumar, B.Design (Marks 88.20), General Category
    • NIFT All India Rank 12, Shruti Dange, B.Design (Marks 86.30), General Category
    • NIFT All India Rank 3, Ushmeet, MFM (Marks 72.53), General Category
    • NIFT All India Rank 4, Shivika Singhal, M.Design (Marks 76.53), General category
    • NIFT All India Rank 10, Kanu Priya, M.Design (Marks 73.55), General category
    • NIFT All India Rank 13, Anwesh Kr. Sahoo, M.Design (Marks 72.40), General category
  1. NID Result : 35 Students selected
    • 4 Students got All India Rank 1 in different Category
    • Gaurav Roy, AIR-1, Retail Design, M.Des, NID, SC Category
    • Arnav Roy, AIR-1, Animation design, M.Des, NID, PWD Category
    • J. Christopher, AIR-1, Animation Design, M.Des, NID, ST Catgroy
    • Lamha Bijilli, AIR-1, Toy and Game Design, M.Des, NID, OBC Category
    • Laishram Neha, AIR-2, Lifestyle Accessory Design, M.Des, General Category
    • Akash Srivastava, AIR-3, Toy and Game Design, M.Des, General Category
    • Om Prasad, AIR-4, Universal Design, M.Des, General Category
  1. IIT UCEED Result : 120 Students Qualified
    • 3 Students selected for IDC Mumbai
    • Arnesh Kundu, AIR-6, Marks 218, General Category
    • Pratyush, AIR-2, Marks 172, SC Category
    • Shagun, AIR-46, Marks 191, Open Catgroy
    • Bhavani Nadgonde, AIR-78, Marks 186, Open Catgroy
  1. IIT CEED Result : 20 Students Qualified
    • 3 Students selected for IDC Mumbai
    • Abhishek Jaiswal, AIR-1, IDC Mumbai, M.Des, OBC Category
    • Arnav Roy, AIR-1, IDC Mumbai, PWD Category,
    • Harmeet Kaur, AIR- 46, IDC Mumbai, M.Des, General Category


Pahal is Celebrating the Achievements of the GEMS it has produced, and you may be the NEXT………………


Mrs. Kiran Singh 
Managing Director (Pahal Design)