Pahal Design

Design Faq’s

    1. I have completed class XII in science and would like to do something in with design. Can you please suggest something that I could do?
      As you have completed 12th in Science, you can take up any stream in design including architecture. You will have to appear for the entrance exams for NID, NIFT, Architecture CET/ NATA in 2019. The admissions to all design schools are based on the candidate’s performance in the entrance exam.


    1. Is coaching required for qualifying NIFT entrance or I can do without it?
      Coaching is certainly required for NIFT entrance if one has have not done much related to art, design and creativity or visualisation during your education till class XII. You can appear for the entrance in February 2013.


    1. I am really inclined to design and creative field. Please suggest on what are the kind of courses available?
      There are various streams like industrial design, communication design, fashion design, art and architecture.


    1. I am studying in class XII from the CBSE board with PCM with CS. I want to study animation or BFA and I practice drawing everyday. Please advice.
      Good to know that you are practising drawing, as it is important for a career in animation or BFA. You must appear for the entrance exam for NID and IIT UCEED in 2019. Only drawing is not enough for these exams but a lot of importance is given to creativity, observation and out of the box thinking. So you must start taking coaching for these immediately.


    1. Can you please tell me what the scope of design in India and abroad is? And also, apart from NID, Shrishti and MIT, which other colleges are good for design?
      There is huge scope for design all over as the demand is more than supply. Students completing their design education from premiere design schools get placed through the campus in top corporates and earn between 6 to 14 lacs per annum as their first salary. Earlier there were only two models of car, one model of telephone and so on, and now you can see design being upgraded to the next level.I want to understand the selection process of institutes like NIFT. At NID and NIFT, the entrance is conducted in two phases. Phase one is the creative ability test, and only after clearing this, you are called for Phase two, which is the studio or situation test. Other design schools also have more or less the same pattern. The admission is only based on the entrance.


    1. I’m a student of humanities studying in class XI and would like to go to NID. I wanted to know what courses of design available are there. Is it true that science students are preferred at NID and NIFT?
      NID and NIFT do not consider the stream or marks of class XII. So science students are not at all given any preference over the other students. The selection is only on the basis of your performance in the NID/ NIFT entrance exam.


    1. I’m currently studying in class XII (commerce). I’m inclined towards both language and design. Could you please suggest me a few options where I could use both? Also, I had in mind communication design. Would it be a good option considering my choices?
      With your interest being in language and design both, you can for sure choose communication design or even fashion communication. Under communication design you have graphics and visual communication, animation, film and video, new media. You can opt for fashion communication consisting of fashion advertising and fashion journalism at NIFT.


    1. I am studying BCom but am interested in history. My family members say that there is no career in history. Is it true?
      I will be able to guide you on careers in design. Do you want to do something related to art history?
      I did my graduation in Mechatronics Engineering from Manipal and have been placed in Infosys. I have been working for two years, and have realised that my interest in UEX design. I am part of the creative team in Infosys who do poster designing and I have been reading on the subject. Last year I appeared for NID and CEED, but could not qualify. Can you tell me how should I approach these exams this year? Since you have not taken any formal education in design at graduation level, you need to take coaching for the NID PG and CEED-MDes entrance exams to be successful.


    1. I am currently studying class XII and am interested in movie direction, but I’m not very interested in the technological parts. Would video communication be a good course for me?
      Film and video communication will be good for you.


    1. I gave my NID entrance exam this year (UG) and was able to qualify the first round but unfortunately, I was not able to crack the interview round, so I’ve taken a drop and will again apply next year. This year I’m pursuing a diploma in animation, so it can help me with NID. Can you please tell me the areas on which I should focus so that next year I can crack it?
      You should focus on design and craft techniques to do well in the studio test. Also a good portfolio can help during interview.


    1. I’m good in sketching and painting. I have interest in computers also, but want to pursue designing. Please guide me how fashion designing can be a good career option for me. Or should I opt for animation etc. What are the job prospects in these two fields remuneration-wise?
      Job prospects are good in both fashion and animation.


    1. I am in class XI science and want to pursue architecture. I’ve heard that architecture can be done through engineering also. Please suggest what entrance exam should I have to prepare for and whether any drawing skills are required. I want to join JJ College of Architecture. What are their criteria for admission?
      You need to appear for MH CET ARCH and NATA in 2019. For admission to Architecture colleges 50% weight age is given to entrance exam score and 50% to the class XII marks.


    1. I’m a pursuing BA (hons) in Communicative English. I’m interested in making teaching my profession. Could you please guide me through the courses worth taking up after graduation?
      I’m confused whether to go for MA in English literature or mass communications or TESOL. This session is for guidance related to design careers.


    1. I am interested in photography and am pursing BA from DU. I want join NID for postgraduation in photography so could you please tell me more about the entrance exam. What type of question will be there? Do they have common entrance exam for all postgraduation course?
      You can appear for the entrance exam for NID PG in 2013. It will be conducted in 2 phase. Phase one will be design ability test in Jan’13, and it will be based on the specialisation you choose. Only after clearing this, you will be called for Phase two, studio test and interview in April’2013.


    1. I want to know how much important is the general aptitude section in NIFT, Srishti exam?
      40% weight age is given to GAT.I am a commerce student in class XI. I m good in sketching and painting and has it as a subject. I have interest in computers also. I want to opt for design as a career. Please advice which design course should I follow. Please tell me how much a fashion designer from NIFT or NID graduate earn. Besides, I have seen that the NID charge very high fee for design courses. Is it worth pursuing from NID or should I opt for other premier institutes. Keshav, NID and NIFT rank amongst the top design schools and it is worth doing anything from there. Fresher from these schools earn up to 14 lacs per annum as their first salary. Also there is a lot of growth in this industry.


    1. What are the skills required for product design?
      For product design, you need to be interested in drawing, design, maths and logical and technical applications.


    1. What are the career options in interior designing?  Will taking up an interior designing degree course at NID be helpful? I have done a certificate course at Arena Animationsam a XII{HEPyS} grade student.
      You can take up industrial design at NID and specialise in furniture and interior design. Also CEPT offers a good course in interiors. MIT is also an option for you. Please start preparing for all these entrance exams for 2013.


    1. I am currently in class XII (science) and thinking of appearing for the NATA Examinations the next year. Please tell me about the preference (if any) do science students have in architecture ahead?
      As 50% weight-age is given to class XII marks and science might be good to get a high score. Otherwise there is no preference given to science students. Finally your average score considering the entrance exam score and class XII aggregate is what matters.


    1. I’m currently in fourth year BTech (biotechnology). I wish to go for a PG course at NIFT after this. Please tell me how to prepare and what are the job prospects?
      You need to decide whether you want to apply for design or management. There are good job prospects after both.