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The ARCH Academy of Design was set up in the year 2000 to impart industrially & globally relevant, specialized Education in Design. The Institution has developed as a centre of excellence in learning and innovation, and over the last fourteen years, has trained more than 6000 professionals and entrepreneurs from across the country.

The Academy offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Certificate courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Craft Product Design, Jewellery Design, Graphic Design, Design Communication, Lifestyle Accessory Design, Design Management, Strategic Management & Leadership, as well as Diploma & Certificate programmes in Visual Merchandising & Gemmology.

The ARCH Academy of Design has a strong International representation, with students from several countries like Sweden, Spain, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, the USA, Nepal, Iran, Canada, Korea, Japan, and Dubai etc. who have, at one time or the other, chosen to study here.

Why the Institute?

Since Jaipur is a thriving student city, the college experience at ARCH is about more than just classes. It is about discovering and developing an understanding of the culture while getting exposed to the art, craft and talent of the local creators; understanding and contributing in real ways to the evolution of sensibilities through the study and practice of Design.

The curriculum at ARCH encourages learners to develop knowledge and understanding of issues both local & global that has formed the basis of debate on the purposes and processes of design, and extends this knowledge and understanding through research, analysis and application of historical and contextual skills to selected fields of study.

ARCH academy of Design is setting up a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) under Rajasthan Startup Policy guidelines as a unique and first of its kind Social and Technology led innovation centre focused on craft, garments and design.

Rajasthan is a designers’ paradise with handicrafts, jewelry, textile and apparels as a mainstream, industry in the region. It contributes more than 50% of exports from the state and is a key thrust area for Rajasthan.Jaipur has also bagged the title of World’s Craft City and UNESCO named it as the City of Handicrafts. The Incubator at ARCH will provide it students’ facilities like high end machinery and equipment, sample creation laboratories, technical guidance and support, investment etc.
Academic Alliances:

  • Learning Centre Pearson BTEC HND Level 5
  • International Degree from UK University
  • Affiliated to University Of Rajasthan for Degree Programmes
  • Authorized Learning Centre London Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)
  • Skills Knowledge Provider (SKP) Institution under the NVEQF Scheme of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in the Applied Arts Sector for Jewellery Design

International Alliances:

  • International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI)
  • International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)
  • The Hongkong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA)
  • Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI)

Industry Connect & Linkages:

  • MSME-NID Design Clinic Scheme
  • Development Commissioner Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles
  • Garment Exporters Association of Rajasthan (GEAR)
  • Bagru Tex Park
  • Access Development Services
  • Indian Green Building Council
  • Head Start
  • TIE Rajasthan
  • CII- Young Indians
  • I Create
  • National Entrepreneurship Network
  • Startup Oasis
  • Shopaccino
  • Studio Autonium
  • 91 Degree
  • Nutcrackers
  • Sam Movies

Student Exchange Program:

  • De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
  • University of Salford, UK
  • Pearson’s BTEC Progression Routes in the UK include University of Bedfordshire, Heriot-Watt University, Coventry
  • University, St Patrick’s College, Middlesex University, Swansea Metropolitan University, Bath Spa University et al.
  • Textila Gymnasiet in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Staff Exchange Program
  • Under the Prime Minister’s Initiative for International Education (PMI2) of the British Council, ARCH in partnership with Doncaster College has received funding for the Staff Exchange Program and Skill Transfer between the two institutions.
  • Collaborative Development Programs: Scotland-Jaipur Partnership Development Fund with Cardonald College, Glasgow (now Glasgow Clyde)
  • UKIERI Grant 2012 for Institutional Capacity Building with PERTH, UHI, SCOTLAND

Arch Genesis

ARCH was set up in the year 2000, under the aegis of the ARCH Educational Society to impart industrially and globally relevant, specialized education in Design. Through the 16 years of existence, we have grown into a strong community of 6000 professionals, alumni, students, teaching faculty and support staff, all of whom, with their incredible energy and enthusiasm, have been a part of our journey. Our nurturing environment offers a place where you meet new people, seek new things, and unearth hidden talents.

Our international representation has increased remarkably over the years, with students from Sweden, Japan, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Nepal, Iran, Korea, Kuwait, and Dubai etc. choosing to study with us at one time or the other.

The industry oriented emphasis in learning at ARCH, focuses on employability. Equally significant are the entrepreneurship & skill based courses which impart knowledge and practice of the business aspects of the creative industry.

To promote entrepreneurship, ARCH has conducted several workshops for Skilled Entrepreneurship Development Courses sponsored by government bodies. The Incubation cell at Jaipur campus provides budding entrepreneurs with relevant environment and support for taking their concept from ideation stage to execution.

AIEED, the online entrance examination conducted by ARCH since 2011, is the only one of its kind available to students from all parts of India. Accessible also to interested students the world over, it has interactive components at its core and a random selection of questions from specially formulated question banks. This interesting online exam is designed to facilitate ease of use for students, for assessment of abilities supporting aspirations for a career in Design.

The academy offers a wide gamut of industry oriented courses of international standards with university certification. Experienced faculty members are involved in the development of curriculum, to ensure that these courses offer the right combination of practical and theoretical skills, with the latest techniques, processes and thinking supported by an understanding of the socio-cultural context & industry needs.
Courses offered include Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Certificate level courses in Fashion, Interior, Product, Jewellery, Graphic and Design Communication, coupled with specialized courses combining Design education with Business and Entrepreneurial knowledge.

Fashion Industry Overview & Scope

The Indian textile industry is set for strong growth, buoyed by strong domestic consumption as well as export demand. According to a report by the India Brand Equity Foundation, the apparel market in India is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.8 per cent to reach US$ 180 billion by 2025. Ascending globalization and consumerism are encouraging the fashion industry to explore the broadest contexts and applications of the field.

Faculty of Fashion at the ARCH Academy of Design employs design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies in all areas of design creation, styling, retail, branding and lifestyle. Intellectual and innovative dimensions in fashion learning are explored through design knowledge, skills and understanding of form, silhouette, material, texture, colours and processes to create innovative, sustainable and responsible fashion. The Faculty of Fashion prepares the students to establish their own space in this complex, ever evolving and growing industry and professionally handle the challenges distinctive to this industry.


Undergraduate courses

  • B. DES Fashion Design – 4 Years
  • BA Fashion Design – 3 Years (2+1)
  • B.Voc Fashion Design – 3 Years
  • BTEC HND in Fashion Design – International Study Abroad Degree Program
Postgraduate Courses – 2 Years Duration

  • MA/ Garment Production & Export Management (GPEM)
  • M. Voc Fashion Design & Entrepreneurship
Pro Courses

  • Fashion Design Womenswear – 1 Year
  • Fashion Styling & Make-up – 1 Year
  • CAD Fashion – 6 Months


  • Armani Junior, Delhi
  • Anita Dongre, AND Design Studio, Mumbai
  • Designer Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Mumbai
  • Shoppers Stop, Jaipur
  • Designer Sanchita Ajjampur, Bangalore
  • Designer Rina Dhaka, Delhi
  • Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd, Delhi
  • Mirangi Couture, Jaipur
  • United Colors of Benetton, Delhi
  • Zari Fashions, Jaipur
  • Designer Pero, Delhi
  • Sin Culture, Mumbai
  • Designer Nida Mahmood, Delhi
  • Designer Pallavi, Jaipur
  • Designer Rahul Mishra, Noida
  • Designer Meena Mehra, Noida
  • Designer Ritu Beri

Interior Industry Overview & Scope

Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied to achieve built interior environments. Interior Design solutions emphasis on functionality ,cultural context , aesthetic prefernces and improving the quality of life of the user along with a gamut of services meant to protect health ,safety and welfare of the public. It is a discipline concerned with examining the interaction between people and the environment and the study of the fabrication of craft products, a subset of architecture and construction and planning. As part of the interior design education, the studio based curriculum integrates theoretical, technical and professionally relevant topics to develop an attitude of problem solving. The education provides problem solving ability, technical knowledge and practical skills that form the foundation for lifelong learning and prepare students for employment in the industry.

Interior design holds a relatively small segment in the building industry but its impact is immense. In India the profession is gaining popularity with a lot of people opting for the services of trained interior designers while planning and constructing residential and commercial establishments.


Undergraduate courses

  • B. Des. Interior Design – 4 Years
  • BA Interior Design – 3 Years (2+1)
  • BTEC HND in Interior Design – International Study Abroad Degree Program
  • B.Voc Interior Design – 3 Years
Postgraduate Courses

  • M.Voc Interior Design & Entrepreneurship – 2 Years
Pro Courses

  • Interior Design – 1 Year
  • Interior Styling – 6 Months
  • Wooden Furniture Design – 6 Months
  • Cad Training – 6 Months


  • Ar. Sanjay Kothari ,Jaipur
  • Ar. Ritu Khandelwal, Jaipur
  • Graphite studio, Jaipur
  • Studio Gads, Jaipur
  • Central- Future Group, Mumbai
  • Ar. Anoop Bhartaria, Jaipur
  • Lifestyle International, Delhi
  • Hastkala Exports, Delhi
  • Muse Interiors, Delhi
  • V Craft, Hyderabad
  • Super woods Ltd, Delhi
  • UDB, Jaipur
  • Art Asia Jaipur
  • Wooden, Street, Jaipur
  • Manic Structures, Delhi
  • MGF Metropolitan, Delhi
  • K2India, New Delhi
  • Studio Incept, Noida
  • Sudhir Pawar & Associates, Pune
  • Sthapatya Architects, Jaipur

Communication Industry Overview & Scope

Demand for advertising and marketing services gets generated mostly from industries that sell consumer products, entertainment, financial services, technology, and telecommunications. Companies in this line of business,create advertising & public relations campaigns and engage in media buying, among other advertising services such as development of corporate identity/branding,print production, and web design. Graphic designers create logos, posters, newsletters, brochures, signs, and other forms of visual communication. Photographs, visual images also constitute as a part of communications- ranging from an icon on a smartphone screen to an illustration , all of them are visual methods that have the ability to communicate information, intention or ideas within the field of ‘communications’ and find a valued place in the communication industry.

Overall the visual communication- graphic and digital design industry in India, is slated to grow, as high-quality graphic design services become increasingly integral for companies seeking to develop brand awareness.


Undergraduate courses

  • B.V.A (Applied Arts-Graphic Design) – 4 years
  • BA Digital Design – 3 years (2+1)
    BTEC HND in Digital Design – International Study Abroad Degree Program
  • BA Graphic Design – 3 years (2+1)
    BTEC HND in Graphic Design – International Study Abroad Degree Program
  • BA Photography – 3 years (2+1)
    BTEC HND in Photography – International Study Abroad Degree Program
  • B.Voc Graphic Design
  • B.Voc Media & Journalism
Postgraduate Courses

  • M.Voc Design Communication 2 year


  • Fitso, Gurgoan
  • Gravita E Com, Jaipur
  • Design Raasta, Delhi
  • Brain Sells, Delhi
  • Purple E commerce, Gurgaon

Product Industry Overview & Scope

Product Design courses at ARCH broadly focuses on Jewellery, Crafts, Accessories, Furniture etc. In Indian Product Industry there is a fine balance between the application of mechanization and hand based skills, the latter giving each produced artefact uniqueness. The industry now thrives in the export arena and designers who are articulate and aware of world tastes and trends are in great demand to understand the buyer & his needs and be able to deliver appropriate design concepts & solutions.

On One hand, the Indian Gems & Jewellery Industry is the back bone of the economy by being one of the major contributors towards the export led growth of India. The industry has gained global popularity because of its talented craftsmen, its superior practices in cutting and polishing fine diamonds and precious stones and its cost-efficiencies.

Craft is an industry which distinguishes India & Designers on World Fashion Map. It in turns generate employment for several thousands of workers. The product that they make is a source of endless variety. Product Designers role is in not only designing but developing a strategy for developing economy and develop new variety of handmade products.


Undergraduate courses

  • B Des Jewellery Design
  • B. Des Craft & Accesory Design
  • BA Product Design – 3 years (2+1)
    BTEC HND in Product Design – International Study Abroad Degree
  • B.Voc Product Design – 3 Years
  • B.Voc Jewellery Design – 3 Years
Postgraduate Courses

  • M.Voc Jewellery Design & Entrepreneurship – 2 Years

Pro Courses – 6 Months Duration

  • Furniture Design
  • Interior styling
  • Cad Training


  • ACPL, Agra
  • Amrapali, Jaipur
  • Savio, Jaipur
  • Symtree by Haritson Group, Jaipur
  • Dai gold, Jaipur
  • Jewels Emporium, Jaipur
  • Gemporia, Jaipur
  • Gossil Exports, Jaipur
  • Gemco Jaipur, Jaipur
  • Derewala Jewellery Industry, Jaipur
  • Pink City Jewels, Jaipur
  • Vaibhav Gems, Jaipur
  • V Collection, Jaipur
  • Access Development Services
  • AKFD
  • Dileep Industries
  • Hastkala Exports
  • Ninety One Degree
  • Mangalam Arts
  • Code Silver

Business Industry Overview & Scope

The BBA in Design from Arch College of Design & Business educates students in the entrepreneurial and strategic aspects of design and in design aspects of business. Project-based studio and seminar courses integrate business, design, and liberal arts education, promoting interdisciplinary learning through wide-ranging research and collaborative work.

The three-year curriculum encompasses introductory and advanced courses in strategic thinking and management in design and business; innovation and sustainability research; quantitative thinking, data analysis, and financial management; critical reasoning through reading and writing, visual communication, and information design; scenario planning; and entrepreneurship and leadership.

Course formats include lectures with discussion sections, seminars, and studios, offering a range of learning experiences emphasizing individual and group work, project-driven learning and special workshops, as well asfield-based research. In Senior Seminar and Thesis classes, students research and analyze both economic and cultural aspects of the marketing and management of designed objects, environments, and experiences.


BBA Design Entrepreneurship – 3 Years


  • Hastkala Exports, Jaipur
  • Manglam Arts, Jaipur
  • Central – Future Group, Mumbai
  • Shoppers Stop, Delhi
  • Manikchand Builders, Delhi
  • Motisons Jewellery Ltd, Jaipur
  • Indiora, Dubai
  • SM Global Hongkong

Academic Affilliations


ARCH Research College for Higher Education has been Affiliated to the University of Rajasthan since 2006 for UG and PG degree courses. The courses are Bachelor of Design (B.Des) Degree programs, as well as the BVA (Applied Arts) & BBA and PG Degree in Garment Production & Export Management.

University of Rajasthan is a public and state university and one of the oldest universities in the Indian state Rajasthan. It is a NAAC A Accredited University.

Formerly known as the University of Rajputana, The University of Rajasthan is the oldest and largest institution of higher learning in Rajasthan (in terms of enrolments). Founded on January 8th 1947, the University currently operates 37 PhD courses, 20 MPhil courses, 48 Master’s Degree courses, and 14 Bachelor’s degree courses.


Rajasthan ILD Skill University (RISU), the first Skill University of India in the Government sector has been established in Jaipur by the virtue of an ordinance passed by the Government of Rajasthan, thus fulfilling a long cherished dream of the youth of the country and adding another significant milestone in the long list of achievements in the Skill Development Sector, under the visionary leadership of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.

RISU has been conceptualised to integrate the corridors in vocational training with mainstream education, using National Skill Qualification Framework and strong industry linkages. The graduate and post graduate level apprenticeship oriented programmes, simulation and immersive techniques, expertise in emerging new age skills and collaborations with the best in the field to deliver avenues of highly employable vocations; will be thehallmarks of this pioneering University. As an affiliating University, RISU will play a crucial role in developing the overall ecosystem for technical and vocational education and training the youth in the State.


ARCH in strategic partnership with Pearson, is accredited to deliver six BTEC Level 5 HND qualifications in Art & Design. It is the only design institution in India offering such a wide range of BTEC (Business and Technical Educational Council) courses. It is also presently the only Design Institution in India that imparts Pearson Assured Courses.

The Courses have been designed in a way so as to offer a chance to the students to progress directly into the 3rd year of graduation abroad. Exposure to international faculty and delivery from Pearson-trained faculty lies at the core of these courses which are aimed at developing interdisciplinary and interactive contextual learning & the acquiring of practical skills. ARCH Academy of Design adheres to standard international evaluation guidelines which includes the conducting of assessment and verification procedures every semester by visiting examiners from the UK.

The BTEC Level 5 HND qualifications embedded in these courses are equivalent to the first 2 years of graduation in UK Universities and abroad. With its inbuilt flexibility, ARCH students can progress directly into the 3rd year of a graduation course abroad and gain a Level 6 Top Up degree in one year, from any of more than 100 Pearson listed Universities around the world in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Mauritius and Institutions in the UK & Europe. Pearson is the largest awarding body in the UK for Academic, Vocational and Work related qualifications, and the largest education company worldwide. Pearson International is head-quartered in London with offices across Europe, Asia and South America.

Pearson accreditation enables ARCH to provide effective, accessible, affordable higher education to a wide community of learners. Pearson’s BTEC qualifications are accredited by the OFQUAL (http:// under the aegis of the Government of United Kingdom.

After successful completion of the Level 5 HND courses, progression is possible to Universities & Colleges that include the following:

  • Middlesex University
  • Bradford College
  • Bath-Spa University
  • Swansea Metropolitan
  • Birmingham City University
  • Bournemouth University
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • University of Heriot-Watt
  • St. Patrick’s College
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Glamorgan
  • University of London
  • Parsons School of Design
  • Paris Manchaster Metropolitan University
  • De Mont Fort University
  • University of Salford
  • Tee Side University
  • University of Northampton
  • UHI Perth College, Scotland
  • NSCAD, Canada

International Linkages


  • Middlesex University London
  • Texti la Gymnasiet in Stockholm, Sweden (now part of Tillskärarakademi, Sweden)
  • University of Northampton
  • De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
  • University of Salford, UK
  • UDEM Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Manchester Fashion Institute
  • Teesside University

Business Incubation Cell

The Business Incubation Cell at ARCH Jaipur campus provides the necessary resources, services, coaching & mentoring, & networking connections required for the support, and development of business models based on design innovations and making them scalable to achieve commercial success through ‘start- up’ enterprises. From the ideation stage to preparing a prototype, & through to the pilot stage to start production, the incubation cell services aim to provide the right environment for growth and development of budding entrepreneurs.

Admission Guidelines 2018

AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design)

ARCH Academy of Design conducts AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design) for Undergraduate & Postgraduate level courses in Design. The exam tests the creativity, design sensitivity & aesthetic sense, of students seeking fulfilling careers in the various fields of design. It also tests the logical reasoning & problem-solving aptitude of the student. ARCH invites applications for AIEED ’18 towards its Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses for the academic year 2018.

Courses Offered


Course No. of Seats Award
B. Des Fashion Design 25 B. Des Degree from University of Rajasthan
B.Des Interior Design 25 B. Des Degree from University of Rajasthan
B. Des Craft & Accessory Design 25 B. Des Degree from University of Rajasthan
B. Des Jewellery Design 25 B. Des Degree from University of Rajasthan
BVA (Applied Arts-Graphic Design) 12 BVA Degree from University of Rajasthan
BBA Design Entrepreneurship 60 BBA Degree from University of Rajasthan


Course No. of Seats Award
BA Fashion Design 20
  • BTEC HND Level 5
  • B.A Degree Awarded by UK University on Progression on
    3rd year of study abroad in Select Courses after 2nd year at ARCH
  • M.A Degree in 4th year (Optional)
  • ARCH Diploma
BA Interior Design 20
BA Graphic Design 20
BA Photography 20
BA Digital Design 20
BA Product Design 20


Course No. of Seats Award
PG Degree in Garment Production &
Export Management
15 PG Degree from
University of Rajasthan
M. Voc Fashion Design & Entp. 30 Masters of Vocational Studies
(Rajasthan ILD Skill University)
M. Voc Interior Design & Entp. 30
M. Voc Jewellery Design & Entp. 30
M. Voc Design Communication 30

Admisson Calendar 2018

Important Dates Candidates are free to choose their examination dates from the following

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Scholarship Test 
23rd OR 24th December 2017
Interview & Portfolio 
From 2nd January to 10th January 2018
Results Announcement:
15th January 2018
Only ONLINE (3 hours/3 slots)
Skype Interview OR at Jaipur Campus
Choose any one Date: 
23rd OR 24th December 2017
(Choose any one)
Choose any one Date: 
From 2nd January to 10th January 2018
Choose any one Time Slot: 
10 to 1 pm OR 2 to 5 pm OR 6 to 9 pm

Format of The Exam

  • Online Exam
  • Centre based Exam (Offline)
  • Structure Of Aieed Exam: Max Duration – 3 Hrs 15 Minute
  • Type Of Paper: AIEED (CAT + GAT) Creative Ability Test + General Ability Test

Eligibilty Criteria For Undergraduate Programmes:

  • Students who have Appeared for/Cleared Class 10+2 (CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Board/NIOS or equivalent as per UGC Guidelines) are eligible to write AIEED Exam. Only these 10+2 Appearing or Cleared applicants are eligible for the UOR/International University degree component of the program. For Interior Design NATA Score or AIEEE Rank is valid.
  • Class 10+1 Students can also write AIEED 2015-16. Qualifying students will be eligible for direct admission in Academic yr 2017 after clearing the interview.

Eligibilty Criteria For Postgraduate Programmes:

  • 12th pass or above/ Graduates Students in any discipline from a recognized university can apply for this program.

Download AIEED Sample Papers

  • AIEED CAT + GAT 2015
  • AIEED Creative Ability Test (CAT) 2013
  • AIEED General Ability Test (GAT) 2013
  • AIEED Creative Ability Test (CAT) 2011-12
  • AIEED General Ability Test (GAT) 2011-12

How to Apply


Online Application Form

Visit ARCH website home page OR and register your application. On successfully registering, an email and sms will be sent to the mobile number & email ID you have registered.

Offline Application Form

The application is available for INR 1500/- only. Please use one of the following options:
A. Purchase prospectus from ARCH Academy of Design Centre, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur either by Cash or DD drawn in favor of “Arch Educational Society” payable at Jaipur, & fill and submit the Form included in the package.
B. Purchase prospectus from selected BOI Branches by Cash (list available on website) & fill and submit the Form included in the package.

How To Take An Aieed Exam

(1.) Online Mode Of Aieed Exam
Students can write the Online Exam from either home or cyber cafe.
The candidates, whose forms have been accepted, will have to appear for the online entrance exam at the allotted date and time slot from 23rd OR 24th December 2017.
Choose any one Time Slot: 10 to 1 pm OR 2 to 5 pm OR 6 to 9 pm
(2.) Centre Based Aieed Exam (Off Line)
Candidates can write the offline AIEED Centre Based examination from any of the 8 cities across India.
Jaipur | Delhi | Lucknow | Mumbai | Indore | Ahmedabad | Kolkata | Patna
The applicant can make a choice of any 3 exam centers in order of preference from the above list.

Selection Criteria

The selection of candidates is based on:

  • Performance in past education field
  • AIEED exam result
  • Performance in Interview + Portfolio

Scholarship Scheme

Scholarship will be given to students on the basis of the following criteria: AIEED result, Performance in past qualification, Interview + Portfolio, Income of the family, Ward of a single parent, Servicemen, Craftsmenor artisan etc.

The scholarship will be awarded on first come first served basis. Once all the scholarships are claimed, further students would not be considered for the same, even if they fulfil all the requirements.

Contact Us

Postal Address

Arch Academy of Design
Plot No. 9, Govind Marg,
Malviya Nagar Institutional Area,
Malviya Nagar, Jaipur – 302017

Contact Infromation

Toll-Free: 1800 30700626
Phone: +91-141-4060500 / 02 / 03
Mobile: +91-9414070678
For Admissions Enquiry: