Pahal Design

About Art of Creativity Society (AOCS)

Art of Creativity Society was established in 1999, by some creative and energetic people in supervision of Kiran Singh. AOCS commits itself to preparing you for the best fit with the creativity, in line with your aspiration and expectation. We promise a learning experience that you will remember for all your life. The institute seeks to provide extensive range of training in the least amount of time, with the use of the most modern techniques and facilities. AOCS owns Pahal Design – NIFT, NID, U/CEED, Fine Arts and Arch Edge – NATA, Jee Arch. In the past 20 years, 6000 students have passed through these doors to excel in varied streams of design and have made successful careers for themselves.

Vision & Mission

To cultivate a creative environment in such a way that emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of a designer in everyone to enhance the quality of life and design.

To craft an ambiance to promote confident possession and giving a proper guidance of an individuals innate talents, acquire the skills needed for being successful on the design dais and establish values that will enable him to act with thoughtfulness and humanity.