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  • NIFT MFM/M.Des/MFtech GD/ PI 2018 Questions

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    GD/PI is very important phase for deciding rank of any candidate so one has to understand the value of GD/PI. You need to get updated with topics around like E-Com, Textile, Apparel growth and retail. They normally judge you on your personality and basic knowledge.

    GD/PI Topics 2018:

    1. Slim fit shirts and trousers have replace the regular fits in menswear.
    2. Khadi : becoming a style statement.
    3. Should artisan be credited their traditional identity ?
    4. Zero waste technology .Will it be useful in future. Discuss
    5. Customers pay handsomely price for the product not for the exotic look but for the promise of comfort and elegance
    6. If your brand is doing well in Metro cities would it make sense to venture into Tier-2 Cities. How would the marketing mix ( product, price , place , promotion )be different there.
    7. Is discount the only bait for customers what other marketing techniques would you apply
    8. A perfect pair of shoe should be a combination of comfort and style.
    9. Discuss – Growing importance of green fashion and how consumers can be made more aware about it.
    10. Textile industry is causing lot of pollution to the environment , ECO-METRIC is a system which is based on science will help in reducing the pollution. So, is it beneficial to bring this system ?
    11. Men also like wearing jewellery and bracelets is one of the most suitable accessory for them. NIFT GD/PI Coaching in Delhi
    12. Khadi is at a Boom.
    13. Are denims going to stay in fashion or not?
    14. Why you want to do NIFT M.Des ?