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GLS Institute of Design for Academic Year 2017-18

About GLS Institute of Design

GLS Institute of DesignGLS Institute of Design is a prominent institute under GLS University, Ahmedabad offering Design courses related to various creative fields. The Institute of Design offers 4 years Bachelors of Design Programme and 5 years Integrated Masters of Design Programme with specialization in the areas of Product, Environment, Communication & Fashion Design.

The prime philosophy of GLS University is to provide an ideal and creative learning Environment and to continue the tradition of excellence in education of the sponsoring body of the University, viz., Gujarat Law Society (GLS).

Gujarat Law Society (GLS), established in the year 1927, is one of the largest and oldest educational institutions in the State of Gujarat. GLS was promoted by luminaries like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, GLSIDShri Ganesh Mavlankar, the first Speaker of the country and Shri I.M. Nanavati with the vision of Excellence in Education. With the advent of the era of self-financing educational institutions, GLS took a pioneering role by offering programmes in several disciplines such as Business Management, Computer Technology, Commerce, Business Administration, Education, etc., apart from those already being offered in Law and Humanities. GLS has also been offering a wide range of professional programmes encompassing various functional and sectoral specializations like Human Resource Management, Banking & Insurance, CA, CS, Professional Accounting, Export Management, Personality Grooming, Communications, etc. All the courses offered at GLS have been having high preference and acceptance in the student community as well as in the corporate fraternity.

With the establishment of the GLS University, it is all poised to introduce programmes, design their course structure, curriculum, student development activities, etc., as per global standards. GLS University has started its first globally benchmarked Institute for Design education, which is set to raise the bar of creative education in the state of Gujarat. For more information, please visit:

At GLSID students will be trained to make the connection between their culture, the society around them and the larger world. Culture is the practice of present, tradition is the practice of past and technology is the practice for tomorrow. In other words, culture connects, tradition confirms and technology empowers. For any Design Institute it is important to inculcate, adopt, promote and practice all these elements to make their work more acceptable. GLSID strongly believes in the philosophy of learning by doing. It is essential for any Design Institute to create an Environment for exploration and experimentation because these are the key to innovations. Taking a cultural root to Design, GLSID envisions to adopt, experiment, explore, assimilate and innovate to create a unique Environment of Design learning.

Courses Offered at GLSID

GLSID Courses

  • Bachelors Programme (Four years)
    Students can opt for four years Bachelors Design Programme, offering world class Design education and ample industry exposure to become independent professional.
  • Integrated Masters Programme (Five years)
    The programme where students are awarded Master’s Degree on successful completion of the programme. This is an ideal programme for the students having keen interest in Design education and wanting to get a masters qualification with a clearly outlined specialization. The Programme completes in five years instead of six years in conventional mode, effectively saving one productive year for each participant.

Fashion Design

  • Apparel and Textile Design
  • Leather Design
  • Accessory (gems and jewellery) Design

GLSID CoursesCommunication Design

  • Graphic Design
  • Animation Design
  • Digital film making

Environment Design

  • Interior & Space Design

Industrial Design

  • Product Design

In these programmes the focus will be:

  • Innovative Design techniques
  • Creative Skills
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Critical Analysis and Practical exposure
  • In- depth Research for Design Opportunity Mapping
  • Exploration and Experimentation as key to Innovation
  • Connecting and relating for contextual understanding
  • Interaction and Team Work

Admission Stages

Stage 1: Written Admission Test
Stage 2: Personal Interview (including portfolio evaluation)

Global Opportunities
The programme will connect the students with the best Design Institutes from around the world. Students are proposed for exchange in Paris, London, New York, Canada, Toronto, Auckland, Sydney, Hong- Kong and Amsterdam

Design Tracks at GLS Institute of Design

Apparel and Textile Design

Design Tracks at GLSIDApparel and textile are the most vital elements of Fashion Design. GLS Institute of Design offers specialized study on apparel and textile design to the Fashion Design students aiming to shape their career in apparel designing. Students get ample benefit of Fashion industry linkages in order to understand global trends and present their designs on an appropriate platform. The Design course trains the students through live projects, external competitions, assisting industry experts, and detailed class room discussions under the mentorship of renowned Fashion experts. The Design Institute provides internship and live project opportunities with leading Fashion Houses to get multidimensional Fashion exposure.

  • Programme Coverage
    Study of draping & garment quality; students understand the characteristic of various kinds of fabric, structures and stitching and manufacturing processes. Study of pattern Design and textiles characteristics allows students to understand the fabric manufacturing techniques as well as garment developing technique as per the body shapes to bring elegance of garments. The course also covers the most essential feature of Fashion forecast along with digital skill building for various tools & techniques such as Photoshop, and Fashion CAD and Corel DRAW.
    Digital Presentation techniques with essential business & management skills enables students to be independent professionals.
  • Future Prospects
    Students completing the course have broader scope to shape their careers by getting associated with leading Design Studios, Fashion House, and Fashion Brands etc. Students can also start their own ventures and become Fashion entrepreneur to create distinct identity in the Fashion world. They can become leading Fashion Coordinator, Merchandiser, Product Developer, Fashion Critics, Fashion Creators, Design Consultant, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Editor & Journalists, Costume Designer, Trend Forecast analysts.

Leather Design

Design Tracks at GLSIDLeather Design caters to the demands of the leather industry, both in terms of accessories and apparel. GLS Institute of Design offers specialized study on leather Design to the students of Fashion Design. The programme focuses on the integration of Design concepts in leather apparel & products with in-depth material knowledge to address the needs of the target markets.
To provide comprehensive learning, the course combines live projects, mentor assistance, field visits, and industry internship. The multidisciplinary learning approach with special focus on Design research, and material & technical knowledge acquisition enables students to become leather Design professionals at the end of the course.

  • Programme Coverage
    Students study Fashion Product Illustration, Pattern Making & Construction, Leather Processing techniques, Surface Techniques, Field Studies, Retailing and Design Projects. Additional focus is on understanding of manufacturing processes, leather processing techniques and further design concepts and skills. Advanced Illustration and Technical Drawings, Advanced Pattern Making & Construction, Merchandising & Supply Chain. Design Research, Material Analysis, manufacturing processes, Production Systems and Digital presentation along with software expertise.
  • Future Prospects
    Leather designing is considered to be a demanding job in which one needs to have specialized knowledge for differentiating leather and non-leather material; but at the same time it is equally rewarding. On successful completion of the course, students can be independent leather designers. Some the designated roles are Product designer, accessories designer, leather goods designer, leather Design consultant, apparel designer etc.

Graphic Design

Design Tracks at GLSIDVisual Communication is considered to be the most powerful Communication medium. Graphics give freedom to organizations and individuals to establish their unique identity. The rapid growth in digital and print media with custom packaging demands have widened the opportunities for graphic designers. Corporates across the industry verticals consider graphics as vital component to define & represent their identity and promote the products. GLS Institute of Design offers Graphic Design as a specialized study area under the Communication Design Programme. The students having keen interest in graphic Design can choose the specialized area and can take benefit of learning to conceptualize their ideas in a structured manner. The programme aims to equip all the creative individuals desiring a career in visual Communication (graphic) Design to become Graphic Design professional. In addition to mentorship of leading designers and live industry assignments, the course covers all tools & technologies required for graphic designing.

  • Programme Coverage
    Colour, form and composition, Typography, Illustration, Advance photography for advertising & marketing Visual Language and Media Appreciation, Identity and Branding, Packaging Design with consumer behaviour and Visual merchandising, Printing and Publication Digital Methods – VFX & Motion Graphics. Key digital techniques and tool exposure covering essential software. History of graphic Design and its evolution Exposure to global graphic Design trends. Various graphic Design softwares.
  • Future Prospects
    Graphic is an essential element for any Product, service, and corporate; so the graphic Design professionals have an option of choosing any industry vertical to Design their career. Print media, digital media, packaging industry, advertising & marketing, computer gaming, leading corporate are only few names where these professionals are high in demand. They even have the option of being Design entrepreneurs by launching Design consulting firms.

Animation Design

Design Tracks at GLSIDThe Communication Design students having interest in moving images and characters can take animation Design as specialized area to shape their concepts into innovative animations. Animation is all about giving life to objects to express & explain the concepts. Along with motion graphics, 2D & 3D movements, special effects, and interactive media; the animation strengthens the Communication process. At GLS Institute of Design, creative individuals can learn different techniques of animation to express concepts. This programme covers all forms of animation ranging from the character Design to motion graphics across linear and interactive environments. Under the guidance of senior Design mentors, the course equips students for creative thinking, in-depth Design research for intellectual investigation and conceptual development. Students in this course, apart from the theoretical understanding, learn digital technologies and software which are required for animation Design. In addition, candidates take live projects under the guidance of industry experts to get practical exposure. Students also get access to industry network which helps them in shaping their career.

  • Programme Coverage
    Drawing for Animation, Animation Principles & Techniques and Preproduction Principles Visual Language and Media Appreciation Post production techniques Illustration, Photography, Character Design Sound Design Techniques, Introduction to Computer Graphics for, Animation and Computer Animation Production. Producing for Animation & Visual Effects and Colour Fundamentals. Editing for Animation & VFX.
  • Future Prospects
    Animation professionals get variety of national and international career opportunities with leading Design firms and studios. Various roles for 3D visualisers, animation professionals include animators, character designers, motion graphics designers, pre-production artists, game designers, UX/UI designers, web designers, art directors, digital artists, teachers, and visual effects artists etc.

Digital Film Making

Design Tracks at GLSIDThe technology advancements and rapid Internet growth have opened up new avenues for digital media professionals. The digital media refers to interactive media, video, sound or environments in order to visualize the Communication in digital format. GLS Institute of Design offers digital film making specialization for the students of Communication Design who desire their career in digital media. The course covers essential skills of digital film making through learning by doing techniques. All the candidates are given various live assignments and projects in addition to global student exchange programme for thorough learning of digital film making. The course also covers essential digital tools & software required for film making along with detailed study of various digital mediums available for the designers. Digital media is considered to be the most dynamic and rapidly changing field where professionals need constant updates. To address this challenge, the course structure is designed in a modular way to introduce updates on regular basis.

  • Programme Coverage
    Communication Studies, Visual Language and Media, Appreciation, Photography, History of Cinema
    Writing for Visual Media. Concept of Story Boarding and Production Design. Basics of Documentary Film Making / Short Films/Webisodes (Independent cinema), Types of Narrative, Elements of Cinematography, Importance of Sound & Sound Special Effects. Editing Concepts with Concepts of Post Production & Computer Graphics. Introduction to Direction for Films and Media Theory Understanding Advertisement Film Making and Documentary Film Making. Film Making Workshops. Exposure to Digital Film Making Softwares.
  • Future Prospects
    Every Industry segment considers digital media as the most effective Communication medium and hence opportunities for the digital media professionals are endless. The digital media graduates will be equipped to grab market opportunities shaping their careers in this most dynamic field. Some of the roles digital media professionals can choose are web and interactive designer, user interface designer, mobile gaming Design, digital content producer, digital Environment and production designer and digital consultant.

Interior & Space Design

Design Tracks at GLSIDThe modern life stipulates combined relationship between the indoor and the outdoor environments with an approach that integrates rather than segregate the spaces humans occupy. An Environmental perspective also enables us to realize our connection not just to the building itself, but also to the land, to the community, to the society, and to the planet which in turn nurtures a sense of duty for the welfare of everything and everyone affected by our Design choice. GLS Institute of Design offers Environment Design programme in order to cultivate creative individuals into responsible designers which can address Design challenges without harming the Environment. Students will also gain knowledge of how Interior Design intersects with other spatial disciplines in the Design of the built Environment. Students choose Interior & Space Designing as specialized area of study under Environment Design.

Interior & Space designing has become essential and integral part of today’s modern family and professional life. With custom made Interior designing, the professionals satisfy needs of Space where humans live or work. The Interior designers combine two fields, architectural and concept Design, in order to realize the imagination. The Interior Design has broadened avenues right from house to corporate offices, shopping malls, theatres, hotels, restaurants and so on. The prime role of Interior Design is to provide meaningful ambience by using functional aspect of Space planning. With rapid globalization and culture exchange, the designers have got freedom of brining innovative ideas beyond traditional designs. The Interior Design profession will remain one of the most sought after professions across the globe for years to come. The Interior & Space Design programme is well equipped with creative Design study, ample live project exposures, guidance of global Interior designers, and world class Interior designing infrastructure to bring innovation. The aim of programme is to transform creative individuals into professional designer in order to brighten their career.

  • Programme Coverage
    In-depth foundation for the best practices in environmentally informed designs for the Space & Interior designing. Rigorous professional training covering various essentials areas of sustainable Design with special emphasize on the Interior Environment. Students will be given exposure of variety of Space topics, research methods, integrated Design methodologies, and sustainable project management practices. History and theory of sustainable Environment, principles of sustainable materials, natural and artificial lighting systems, and integrated environmental systems Design. Essential skill building for Environment Design which include site identification, technical & raw material acquaintance, socio-cultural & contextual issues, functional requirements, spatial & tectonic skills, building systems, and professional Communication skills. In-depth training of architectural and Space Design related modelling software.
  • Future Prospects
    Students successfully completing the course get ample opportunities in India and abroad for various Design projects ranging from private homes to commercial complexes, hotels, clubs, public domain offices, theme parks, amusement parks etc. The Design professionals can also take up role of consultant with various multinational construction firms building smart cities and large scale colonies. In addition to these roles, one can become Environment Design specialist, government advisor, trend analyst, and Environment friendly Design journalist.

Product Design

Design Tracks at GLSIDThere is an increasing pressure from world marketplaces not only for products which are functional but which can be brought to the market ever more rapidly through state-of-the-art development and manufacturing processes. Industries which develop, manufacture and market today’s products need graduates equipped to handle these processes with managerial and creative skills. Product Design program combines the study of theory with the process of direct experience. The programme explores cultural, management, perceptual, process and social needs, offering a curriculum relevant to the needs of industry and an understanding of the role of the Product designer in society. GLS Institute of Design offers Product Design specialization to candidates aiming to make a career in this field and other allied areas. The programme is well equipped with creative Design study, ample live project exposures, guidance of global designers, and well equipped Product Design infrastructure to bring innovation. Besides honing the “problem solving” skills that every designer needs, students of Product Design will also develop a “problem defining” approach: the ability to determine the true parameters of each Design challenge. As the student learns to follow the intuition and promote an aesthetic vision within those parameters, s/he will cultivate more awareness of the reasons behind the made Design choices, and those of others.

They will get access to world class infrastructure including Product Design studio, galleries, digital infrastructure to conceptualize their thoughts, and strong industry connections to understand global Design trends under the guidance of leading Design mentors. They will have access to state-of-the-art Product Design prototyping and manufacturing processes. The programme will connect students with the best Design Institutes from around the world.

  • Programme Coverage
    Elements of Form, Material and Process, Representation Technique, Workshop skills, Ergonomics, Technical study, Technological Study Value Engineering , System Design, Green Design
  • Future Prospects
    Students can collaborate with eminent professionals from local studios and business houses, and will have the range to experiment with Design methodologies as they develop a deeper understanding of Product Design and its role in our world. They can be freelance consultants, and entrepreneurs by launching their own Design consultancy firms or Product based start-ups. They can also be Product developers in various industries. Interdisciplinary approach and application of Product Design domain can help them to associate with other industries like toy, game, transportation, prototyping, UX, IOT. Health care and others.

Admissions Calendar

Sl No Activity Date
1 Last Date of Application 22nd Jan 2018
2 Exam Date 27th Jan 2018
3 Download Now GLSID Admission Form 2018-19

Higher Secondary (10+2) from State Board/CBSE/CISCE/IB or equivalent. With minimum 50% marks in qualifying exam


  • Form Filling
    Collect the Form from the Institute or the Official Centres.
    Fill up the form carefully, attach documents and submit at GLS Institute of Design
  • Entrance Test
    Appear for the Design Aptitude Test as per the schedule.
  • Short Listing – Stage 1
    Based on the performance in the test you would be short listed for further process.
  • Interaction
    Selected applicants would be called for interaction at GLS Campus.
  • Short Listing – Stage 2
    Based on the interaction the final short listing will be done and offer letters shall be issued.
  • Selection
    The acceptance of the other by payment of fees will confirm the admission of the applicant

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